Thursday, June 11, 2009

My last project with my Dad

The year before his death my Dad built Breanna a toy box. When it was finished he asked that I paint a Disney theme but that each side should be a different subject. The top was 101 Dalmatians, the back was Bambi, the left side Snow White, the right Lady and the Tramp and the front Cinderella. Below is a picture of the front. I was hoping to get pictures of all sides but unfortunately I never got a chance before we moved to Mississippi. When we get all our stuff out of storage I will blog the remaining pics.
Hope you like it.


Dave Stancliff said...

What are you waiting for?
Go out and tear up that storage space and show us the other sides!

Hurry...hurry...I want to see!

What kind of blog is this anyway? I want instant satisifaction!!

From your best friend!

Tom Holloway said...

Dave I gave up on instant satisfaction way back before I..wait a minute, I better not go any further.

Tom Holloway said...

The problem is that while the toybox is in storage it is in storage in Oklahoma and the rotund one is in Maryland.