Saturday, June 6, 2009

Compliments can be painful

The name of this piece is "Woman". It was meant to be complimentary.
One of the viewers took exception and popped me alongside my noggin, due to
the gratuitous nudity.
I explained to her that the face spoke of beauty, the breasts; femininity.
the wings; gracefulness. the tail; her ability to protect herself as well as her young,
the talons her ability to grab life (the limb) and hold on.
Not a bad representation of a woman, if I have to say so myself.


Thomas Holloway said...

This will be a tattoo for me someday.


Tom Holloway said...

I've got the ink and the hammer.

Dave Stancliff said...

I wouldn't want to meet this beauty in a dark alley or a well-lite stadium!

Tom Holloway said...

Just don't ask her to scratch your back!!