Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Epidemic hits household!!!

It is with regret that I must notify the followers of this blog that the guy who writes this thing has been sidelined with a severe case of "The Lazys"
Different so called cures have been attempted but none have worked. Coffee therapy, energy drinks, rabid squirrels, many, many remedies have been tried but to no avail. It is with hope that it will soon pass and that the many multitudes of fan will be there to welcome him back.
Thank you,
Orville T. Honeysuckle


Dave Stancliff said...

The rabid squirrel cure is probably what made you so lazy!

Get with the program Orville, or I'm going to summon the ghost of Wright...and then you'll be in trouble!

Tom Holloway said...

okay, I'm back!!!!