Monday, March 14, 2011

Cliff Notes on History

One thing I try to do is base my strips on
 factual, albeit, little known miniscual facts.
I enjoy the fact that a lot of folks are unaware of some
of the things I present in my cartoons.
Then there is the obvious absurdity.
Trust me when I say that somewhere, someone will
come along and tell me that my facts are wrong about this cartoon.
That kind of scares me...a lot.
But, what bothers me most is when I'm not sure
of the correct spelling of a particular word and spell check doesn't recognize it.
Is albeit spelled correctly? 
Thank you.


Dave Stancliff said...

I knew those giant carvings that were being passed off as presidents were ducks decades ago...but would anyone listen to me?

Tom Holloway said...

There's no putting a fast one over on you11