Friday, March 25, 2011

The Brothers Fonebone Rise Again!!

This is about as close to realism as this strip will ever get!
They get together to play "chicken" on Fridays and, oh look!
It's being posted on a Friday!!
How frigg'n bizarre is that??!!!
Ooh, life imitates art!!
I'm scared!!
I did spellcheck realism Dave! It says I should use realize!
I went back and checked it again.
It showed the proper spelling this time so I changed it.
Please disregard the above comment.
Thank you!


Dave Stancliff said...

That duck is playing some "Mean Chicken" Blues...

and I hear that other Blues-Playing duck strumming some fast feathers daddy-oh!Whooom woom woom!

Is it time for my medication yet? It's Friday.

Tom Holloway said...

Ah yes, another fan! Sit and relax my friend and enjoy the deep sorrowful sounds of "Chicken Flogging". Those boys know their chickens! Next week they are intoducing the rarely heard 3 string chicken! Yes my friend, you heard right!! Enjoy!