Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Study in Pen and Ink

I saw a drawing of a woman on the Internet that intrigued me.

I liked the way the artist had created the shadows on the figure by

simply making the lines bolder and thicker.

By contrast, highlights were depicted by eliminating

the line completely.

I'm sure this was not the first time this technique

had been utilized, but it caught my eye.

I found it so pleasing that I tried my hand at it

and found that it was really fun to draw.

I hope, should the creator of the original see my clumsy attempt,

he/she will not sue me for plagiarism but rather,

be flattered that it was liked so much.

By the way, the toad stool, rocks and creeping fog, are mine.
Does anyone know why
some posts have wider
line spaces than others??
It's making me crazy!