Monday, November 15, 2010

A side step

Rather than deprive my many fan
of the enjoyment of my vast creativity, while I continue to work on my
artwork and cartoons, I have decided to add a bit of
class to my Blog by way of the written word.
The first story is entitled,
Helping Hands
by Me
Josh sat across the table looking into Ludmilla's eyes.
They were the one thing that first drew him to her and
he never grew bored with their beauty.
"Are you sure that this is the right move, Josh?", Ludmilla asked.
"I have never been more certain of anything in my life!" Josh answered,
but then went on, "The only problem I can see is the packing!
Between work and all, I have very little time to box things up
and prepare for the move to your place!" He said sounding frustrated.
Ludmilla reached out and took Josh's hand in hers,
"You know I am more than willing to lend you a hand..or two." She said laughing.
"Are you sure? I know you are busy,
what with your practice and all"! Josh asked.
"Not at all!" she said.
With that Josh took her hands in his and walked out the door.
As Ludmilla sat the table looking at Josh leave with her hands,
her nose began to itch.
The End

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Tracy said...

I still think a psychiatrist would love to get inside your head.