Monday, January 19, 2009

Personalities and appearance, creating and drawing your characters

Of all the characters who make up “The Grand Life” the ones that gave me the most trouble were Violet and George., but for two different reasons. The rest of the cast were taken from life, whole and as they are. Violet, on the other hand, was a combination of my ex-wife Janice, my mother-in-law Myrtiss and my step mother Phyllis.

I knew who George was from the get-go, I just wasn’t sure of how he would look. I knew he would be over-weight, and either balding or grayish.
I am posting drawings of the early George to show how appearances can change. The different stages of George took several weeks of drawing and erasing before I was finally happy with the character.

Do not be disappointed or discouraged if it takes longer. I had a preconceived image in my head and it still took awhile.
Sorry it is taking so long between posts but I have had to persue files I thought I would never need, thank God I am like my Mother and never throw anything away.
Next: Now the fun begins! Preparing your panels, single and strip.

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