Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Friendly Warning Regarding Possible Upcoming Weirdness.

As you can see by the previous two (2) postings,
I am trying something a little different.
My lifelong buddy, brother-in-law and possible future president,
Richard David Stancliff, of the Humboldt/Ohio Stancliffs,
has recommended that I try colorization of my black and white cartoons.
(No doubt figuring, "If Ted Turner can colorize his
classic movies, then Tiny* can colorize his crappy little cartoons.",
Not even president yet and I'm already attributing false statements to him!))
My point is that, no longer having color vision, my wife Sheri Lynn Holloway,
of the Frederick, Md Holloways, will be setting out my color pencils.
She will label said pencils with tape and ink.
So, should my cartoons feature such strange creatures as pink ducks and
purple alligators and other really strangely colored critters,
 assume I have done something that has her righteously pissed.

Just so you know.

*A term of endearment used in the mid 60's denoting the status of a large and rotund pal.


Dave Stancliff said...

I be waiting...bring on the weirdness.

Why do you think I come here for? That's right...because I know you're weird, and a wonderful artist with a twisted view on life.

So there.

Tom Holloway said...

Mr. President, I thank you.

decimpo2000 said...

Tom, this is Brian Patterson. We met while you were visiting your wonderful son in law...haha. My story has been published in an article and I tried to email it to you. mine is This is the article link.