Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bureaucratic B.S. Blues

Since I was a kid hooked on Star Trek (the original series),
I wished I could live in an age, time or world
that was more advanced than the time I lived in.
We now have cell phones the size of Star Trek's communicaters,
Hand held computers that rival the size and efficiency of the Tricorder,
and many other tools that make our lives simpler.
To my chagrin I have fought tooth and nail against technology
 that pushed the limits of my adaptability and intelligence. Just the opposite
of what I had, at one time, wished for..
Go figure.
I said all that to say this.
Over 20 years ago I wrote a song (Bureaucratic B.S. Blues) that reflected
my anger toward and frustration with, the government and the imbeciles
 that operated said group.
I have wanted to put my song before the public but couldn't get it out there.
My wife Sheri suggested that we buy a camera and "put it out there". Probably to get
 me to shut the f--- up. We did.
 I have now both  "put it out there" and shut the f--- up.
I hope you enjoy the song.

                                      Sorry about the quality. Didn't realize the camera wasn't the best.

                                            Your comments would be greatly appreciated.
Please send this to anyone you know who isn't happy with the current
state of affairs in Washington DC.

   Remember, Vote Stancliff in 2012!


Dave Stancliff said...

The sound quality was good.

Your right about getting a clearer picture. needs sharper focus. kinda fuzzy.

I always did like this song. It looks like I'm going to have to feature it on my Presidential Campaign Blog tomorrow.

Right on bro!

Tom Holloway said...

Thanks Dave.
That really could be something considering the following you have.