Thursday, January 20, 2011

Waxing Philosophical

 I have realized something and wanted to share it with you.
It has been said that music can soothe a savage breast...or beast,
Actually, I prefer a breast to a beast but then who doesn't?  I don't know but, that's not the point.
My family has recently had something happen that shook  us to the core and has changed
 our view (okay, my view) of life and people in general!
 I actually thought of dropping my cartoons and shutting down my blog.
I did not see how I could laugh or help others to laugh
 or find humor in anything, when such terrible things can happen.
I'm glad I didn't because humor can help in so many ways I never thought of!
I found that it is impossible (at least for me) to be angry when I am laughing.
Sadness disappears as does depression and anxiety!
All without drugs!!
Laughter is, for me, the "cure all" for whatever ails me!
And it doesn't have to be a laugh!
 Even a smile can help!
God's gift to Man!
The neatest thing for me is the fact that it takes less muscles to smile than to frown!
It seems a person has to work harder to frown than smile.
No wonder I was always tired when I spent the day whining about some
 imagined slight I thought had happened.
It does work!
 Humor kept Abraham Lincoln sane
 during a period of time that would have destroyed other men!
Winston Churchill spent the bombing of England by the Nazis
watching Disney cartoons and Marx Brothers movies!
Comedies are shown in hospitals to patients with cancer and other
 deadly or crippling diseases,
 Veterans Hospitals as well are utilizing comedy as an aid to healing all sorts of illnesses.
So, boys and girls, the next time life gets you down
and you feel you can"t take anymore..
Trust me! It can't hurt.

Now that I am done waxing philosophical,
I will go and wax our car!



Dave Stancliff said...

Right on Dude!

All we need to do is LOL and have fun. You know...shine on!

Humor is like a sponge - it soaks up negative thoughts!

I'm going outside to wax my red wagon...

Tom Holloway said...

MR. Stancliff!
I am surprized that you wax your red wagon in public!!