Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Another of life's little disappointments

Originally, the door had handles.
Then I realized something...
I have a feeling I need go no further.


Dave said...

Good old Rudy's Dine and Slime!

Those are snouty snails if you ask me. A slug can hug too.

Maybe a little salt will straighten them out...

Tom Holloway said...

It is obvious, Sir, that you do NOT understand young snail lust!!
Wait a minute! If you do not understand young snail lust as I said, then Sir, how do you know that snails need love too!! And I tried to hide the true name of the shell strip club that was depicted as Rudy's dine and dance but NO! you had to name drop like you were there! Sir, I am angered beyond words!!

So, I guess I better shut up.