Thursday, September 10, 2009

A morning with George and Violet

Personally I'd rather have orange juice!


Dave said...

Don't cha know?

Vampires are the rage and young girls think they are sexy (ever see an episode of True Blood on HBO?).

Just when people quit talking about Ann Rice and her Vampire series, there's been a resurgence in bloodsuckers.

The recent movie "Twilight" was all about humans falling in love with vampires and did great at the box office.

So what I'm saying is: you're grandma figure is sexy, so the wry comment doesn't "Strike Home" Yuck! Yuck!

tawnycat16 said...

Sheri, Tracy and Breanna are all crazy for that book series as well as the movie! Don't have HBO so am not familiar with the series of which you speak.
Since I know who the people are that the character is based on, the thought that she might be considered sexy makes my stomach hitch.

tawnycat16 said...

I didn't know I was on Breanna's... whatever you call it, so the previous comment probably didn't make sense. I hope this clarifies it.