Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Why God made Editors

To some of you this particular post may appear familiar, as well it should as it was originally posted on Monday, November 24, 2008. Unfortunately, when I sent it to the paper last week the editor noticed one comment, made in the second panel, was dated, and therefore shouldn't be printed. She sent it back.
After the initial embarrassment wore off I went back and checked the other cartoons and found several others that were in need of change. It taught me that it is a good idea, if I am going to deal with current events, to make sure that they are; 1. Current and 2. Proofread by someone other than me.
A person is never too old to learn.
Besides, the change made the cartoon usable any time.


Dave said...

You mean NO ONE was proofreading for you?

That's like running around naked in Grand Central Station and hoping no one will notice!

Tsk..tsk..Mr. Holloway. Carry on...

Tom Holloway said...

I'm soooo naughty!!
Go to my room!!