Saturday, March 21, 2009

A brief interlude

Ordinarily a dedication is in the beginning of a book or whatever is being created but, as usual, I do everything basakwards, and after waxing philosophical within my own noggin I have decided to do it now.
No other man in a creative field has ever been blessed with a family that has provided more material to draw from (no pun intended) than I. Thanks Sheri, Janice, Tom, Tracy, Breanna, Connor, Allie, and Gizmo. Also, thanks to Christine for keeping the ink bottles full.
The seeds of creativity were sown years ago in the Southern California town of Azusa. There I met a family that helped me to become the man I am today..and still, I forgive you all. Thanks Dave, Linda, Margie and Steve.
I thank my Brothers Roy and Bill, my sister Shirley who, as well as being there for me when I needed her she has helped me through so very much with her prayers and love.
Thanks, also, to all my in-laws who have also unselfishly supplied me with a great amount of material.
And last but never ever least, I thank my Mom and Dad who were always supportive and believed in me and my dreams.
I love you Mom and Dad, as I love you all.

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Tracy said...

Your Welcome! Ha Ha! Love you Daddy.