Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Laying out your strip, part 2

Ink in the lettering and your borders. If you are happy with the cartoon artwork, then go ahead and ink that too. If you make a mistake in either the lettering or the artwork all is not lost. As you can see I screwed up in the second panel dialogue. I didn't leave enough room for one of the words and I miss spelled, of all the characters, George. What I am going to do is leave the mistake uncorrected until all the artwork is finished and all the penciling is erased. To correct it now might cause more of a problem later as any corrections might smudge when the cartoon is cleaned up.
Note: I use Higgins Black Magic ink and a Pelikan C-4 nib, as well as a B-6 Speedball pen tip, the nib holders can be purchased at any art store. Kooh-i-noor makes an excellent technical pen, Rapidograph, the most common for cartoons is a #3.
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