Saturday, October 4, 2008


Welcome to "The Grand Life" This site was created to Display my cartoon strip “The Grand Life”; as well as my single panel cartoon “Outside the Box”. Another goal is to get feedback from viewers and maybe share a laugh or three.

My name is Thomas Holloway (Tom). Except for a stint in the U.S. Army as a Communication Technician, (1969-1972) SP-5, art has been my main career until 1985 when I was declared legally blind. By using equipment to aide in enlarging and converting color to black and white, I am still able to draw.

My comic strip, “The Grand Life”, is based loosely on my own life and appears in the Thursday edition of the Frederick News-Post in Frederick, Maryland. My single panel cartoon “Outside the Box” touches on, and reflects, the bizarre and some say sick side of my personality.

I have always believed that humor can be found in all things, even the tragic…when it happens to someone else. I also believe that it is amazing what the human spirit can deal with and withstand when filtered through a humorous outlook. Smile, it feels good!

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Dave Stancliff said...

Nice blog oh hefty one!
It's good to see that you joined the blogasphere.
Have fun and keep up the good work.